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Private Lessons

At Elite Dance, we offer private lessons for those students who want to take their dance technique to the next level! We want all of our Elite Dancers to have every opportunity to reach their full potential as a dancer and a performer, and our staff is here to provide guidance in that first step with

one-on-one instruction.
We currently offer private lessons in the following categories:

Technique Training

Technique Training is a specialized lesson that focuses on skills that the individual dancer wishes to improve. This could include turn technique, leaps, flexibility, etc. 

Ballet Technique Training

Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles, and helps improve your technique, posture, flexibility, alignment and strength as a dancer. Our Ballet Technique Training gives  the students the opportunity to work one-on-one with our ballet instructors, see their full professional bio on our Faculty Page

Pageant Preparation & Choreography

Get one on one attention with private sessions created just to meet your needs. Be coached by experienced faculty and work on developing your talent for competition. You will be critiqued on technique, facials, and overall stage presence. Pageant Choreography is also offered for an additional fee. 

Audition Prep Lessons

Audition Prep Private Lessons are specialized to help you prepare for a collegiate dance team tryout or cheerleading team. Our owner, Stephanie, is also the Georgia Southern University Dance Team Coach, and can give you specialized audition advice for Dance Team tryouts in the spring semesters. 

Tumbling/Acro-Dance Lessons

Tumbling/Acro-Dance lessons provide a one-on-one opportunity for any dancer that wants to improve their acrobatic skills. These lessons are for any dancer, at any level. 

Ballroom Private Lessons

Whether you are getting married, attending a wedding, wanting to learn a new skill, or looking for a fun date night opportunity, private ballroom lessons are a fun activity for any couple!
- Traditional Ballroom Lessons

Ballroom Wedding Packages (Choreography)

Our traditional Ballroom private lessons include basic ballroom technique, etiquette, and basic steps for the style(s) of your choice. Our Ballroom Wedding Packages are for those looking for assistance in choreography.
We also offer on-site location lessons and demonstrations, email for booking inquiries.

*Note: With all of our private lessons listed above,  you have the option to bring a friend for an extra fee per dancer.
Limited to 3 dancers per lesson. (Exception: Ballroom Lessons)

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